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BRIDGE has grown into a multifaceted organization with a staff of more than 350 people and the ability to handle every aspect of project finance, development, property and asset management, and portfolio management. Our capabilities and resources continue to grow, and so do our ambitions.

Our Holistic Approach

Real Estate Development
Creating homes is at the core of what we do. To date, BRIDGE has participated in the development of more than 17,000 homes and apartments in California and the Pacific Northwest. 
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Development Types
BRIDGE is working to produce innovative, multi-dimensional developments that serve many communities and neighborhoods in diverse ways.
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Property Management
To sustain the award-winning quality of our properties, BRIDGE created a property management company in 1987.
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BRIDGE Impact Capital
BRIDGE Impact Capital (BRIC) is the US Treasury-certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) affiliate of BRIDGE Housing.
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Asset & Portfolio Management
Ensuring the physical, financial and operational health of BRIDGE’s properties benefits investors, partners, residents as well as BRIDGE itself.
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Resident & Community Services
BRIDGE believes in integrating housing with services that give our residents more opportunities to increase their education, build skills for better jobs, and plan for homeownership.
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